The Most Beautiful London Escorts

So I know many people claim to be in love with their regular London escort. But I am head over heals for Amanda.

I met Amanda 1 year 5 months 13 days and approximately 16 hours ago. It was a night I will never forget. I was on my way home from work on the jubilee line just getting ready to get off at North Greenwich, I had the worst day at work. My boss had been on my back about the drop in London stats and sales over the quarter and apparently this was solely my fault. I was just worn out and tired of being blamed for things that were beyond my control and that hurt me. Anyway as I was stewing over our last conversation and how I was being unfairly grilled I felt something burning at the back of my neck so I stopped replaying the trauma of the argument and turned around. There she was this London beauty with the sexiest blue eyes set in a black eyeliner framed by endless long lashes that fluttered in slow motion. I looked down and my sight line stopped at her chest that was so convieniantly exposed. Her silky shirt seductively showed the outline of her purple laced bra that harboured two very full and ample breasts that swelled with each breath she took. I caught myself and realigned my gaze to her face. She smiled at me and just handed me a card as she got up to get of the train. The card read Amanda, London escorts for your every desire.

I still can’t recall how I got home but the next thing I remember was sitting down on my sofa with a glass full of ice and whiskey with the London escorts card in my hand. I spent 2 whole days contemplating call her at the London escorts agency I couldn’t get the images of her full breast out of my mind. But I had never called a London escorts agency before. I didn’t even know where to start. Do I ask for Amanda do I go to a London escorts website? But I wanted to see her again so badly I had been fantasising about her huge breast in my hands while I massage them with the palm of my hands at the same time I am licking her neck and kissing her chin. These images of being with an exotic London escort spin around in my head for hours over the next two days. Thoughts of me being inside of her filling her with my glory feeling her moist warmth licking her golden body and pulling on her heavenly hair. I couldn’t take it any more I just had to see her my angle from London escorts. So I called the agency, I was sweating the thoughts of what I would say, would she be the one to answer the phone, is there more than one Amanda at London escorts, had I made her up all this time. So many doubts and thoughts rushed through me I got an anxiety boner. The receptionist pick up my call it was a girl she greeted me with “hi thank you for calling London escorts Tracy speaking how can I help?” I froze I stuttered then I blurted out” Amanda ”

Tracy very kindly arranged my booking and took my details within 45 mins there was a knock at my door…. I was so nervous, I opened the door hastily and then…..well, that’s a story for another time, visit charlotte London escort to find out how our first date blew my mind.

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