The Promiscuous Woman Who Loves Taking Sexual Chances

Some women really like to push the sexual boundaries and bring their evident promiscuity out of the bedroom. Entertaining yourself in public is typically a risky business but these girls do not care. They have one intention only: to get off, and to hope others are watching them do so at the same time. It’s a lot easier for girls to pleasure themselves in public as they can do it much more subtly than men, plus, people wouldn’t really expect a woman to be doing it in public.

For example, a woman could decide to wear a butt plug all day, as she goes into town, to work or wherever. Throughout the day she would have this kinky secret, receiving all sorts of pleasurable sensations. In addition, if she uses a butt plug that vibrates, she could control the vibrations to increase the erotic excitement in all kinds of situations. It may then become evident to onlookers that she is pleasuring herself – if so, this would be a huge turn on as she would be getting the reaction that she desires.

Or perhaps she wants to make it even more obvious to onlookers, and put them in an awkward situation too. Imagine the following scenario: she’s on a relatively empty train but in the sight line of a casual male who is giving her the occasional glance. She decides to hitch up her skirt and pull her panties to one side, giving him an uncovered glimpse of her beautiful shaven pussy. Then, if that was not enough to drive him mad, she begins to stimulate it by rubbing it and inserting a couple of fingers inside. As she can see, his cock is awakening and putting him in a very difficult situation. He cannot afford to get aroused in such a situation, but with all of her advances he finds it impossible. He then begins to satisfy himself by rubbing his dick through his trousers.

The two seemed as if they weren’t harming anybody, and in truth, they were not. But things didn’t quite end there. One of the staff on the train found out what was going on and decided to come and confront them about their inappropriate behavior – even though it was probably turning them on to. They were just having fun, but they must be punished, and one wonders what sort of a punishment would be acceptable for this!

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